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Hello I have had all my metal fillings removed in San Jose' Costa Rica at a new dental office. I also visited a state of the art clinic (pictured on website) that removed several moles and skin tags. All in all I got a free vacation to Costa Rica as the removal of my fillings would have been $2300.00 in USA in Costa Rica $450.00. My trip and dental services cost approx. $1700.00 I pick you up at the airport and you stay at our 2700 sq. ft. guest house taxi to your Dr. appointment and they bring you back to our guest house, in a gated community for a day or two to relax $90.00 per night with a meal included. When you are ready we take you back to the airport. The guest house is ten min. from airport and 15 from most medical offices. Kevin Burdock 941-650-4453 E-MAIL


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We don't sell anything other than recommend services and charge for accomodations. The site offers dental services removal of metal mercury fillings and mole removal and hair transplants at a fraction of USA prices. I have personally used the Doctors I recommend. Kevin Burdock


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